Fly Fishing in Columbia, SC

Fly Fishing in Columbia, SC

June 25, 2014

    It has been a while since I have posted. However since the last time I have been able to explore Columbia, South Carolina much more. Coming from a Western New York, where the creeks seem to be endless compared to the unknown of a new city, I was nervous the fishing was not going to be as promising. That was not the case, since moving I have been able to get out on the water almost every week.

Harbison State Forest is a great fishing destination. Not that I want to share my secrets, but I know from experience it is hard to figure out "where to" fish in a new town. Harbison State Forest is a public state park that sits right next to the Broad River with over 2,000 acres to explore. Upon exploring the forest we came across a great area to fish. Towards the back of the State Forest, there is a small section of the river (once you find it) that has a large span of rocks with a few small "islands" that are great to fish from. Having visited the forest almost a dozen times now, we have successfully pulled out some small mouth bass, sun fish and we have also seen a few small gar pike keeping a watchful eye on their territory.

 All in all, the Broad River is a great place to fish. Wading out into the water might be tricky, therefor exploring areas such as the Harbison State Forest can help provide you with a great wading destination, if you are ever in Columbia and are looking to get a line wet.

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