Largemouth Bass on the fly July 06 2014

What's up fishing friends well were back from the trip up to New York to visit family and friends and of course fish! Thought I would share a few pics and tactics I used to target bass in still water like the ponds I fished.
First off if you're tying you don't have to be super precise, no need for spots and eyes on your frog poppers. Bass tend to be reactionary feeders so noise and silhouette are key.  
The frog gurgler:
A great pattern to use. Its quick to tie and fish love them.
  Legs:supreme hair knotted and sealed with Loon UV resin
Underbody: crystal chenille (tan,yellow,orange or green)
Back:simple craft foam in green
And..........they like it.
No eyes no front legs not 20 different colors but a simple noise and silhouette 3 material pattern that simply works.  
Chuck these guys within inches of the bank or weed beds let them sit then a choppy 3 strip pause seems to work the best.
The Double Bunny:
Another simple 3 material pattern that simply works.
Tail: Crystal Flash in green
Tail/Body: Zonker strips (olive and orange)
Underbody: crystal chenille (white, yellow, green, orange)
Weight: dumbbell eyes
And...................they like it again!
There are two ways to fish this. First chuck it by the shore or any type of structure and do nothing just let it sink, the movement of the zonkers is phenomenal and will slowly slither down looking like some alien like bi-color leech that bass can't wait to slurp up like spaghetti. If that doesn't work fish it past weed beds and structures in fast choppy strips to give it an almost baitfish like movement.
This is not the end all be all of bass fishing I prefer to catch bass on the surface with poppers and gurglers because hell its fun! Remember bass will eat almost everything so don't be afraid to think outside the box! I have taken tiny gnat patterns and stripped them under the water and hooked into bass, so throw your fly box at them and you'll be surprised at what works!