What is Inside a Custom Fly Box?

What's inside a Steelie Bros Fly Combo Box

September 13, 2018

Custom Fly Boxes are by far one of the best purchases you can make to gear up for your next fishing trip. We have designed our fly boxes specific for the species (ie: Gulf Coast, Bass, East CoastEgg Pack etc) and then size preference for you. Each one of our boxes allows our tiers to pick and choose which flies they want to tie which means, not only will go you get flies that are specific to the species you are hunting but you will also get a fully custom fly that might become a brand new fly for us!

 Recently, we filled a Medium Gulf Coast Fly Box. For this box, twelve flies are included, two of which are our custom double barrel poppers. The flies tied for this box are large, heavy duty saltwater flies that are designed to with stand a beating. They are all tied on large 2/0 or 3/0 hooks with top of the line materials. When we Large Deciever Flytie for the custom boxes, we are able to decide what we want to tie, what we are inspired to tie and what we know (and hope) will catch you fish. For this box  we tied two of each fly, one in a medium weight and one heavy weight for variation for our client. There were Nuclear Boogers, Tiger Bombs, Flashing Bunnies and two custom flies (shown below) and two incredibly beautiful Deceivers along with the two custom double barrel poppers.

Custom Tied Rusty Fly Steelie Bros Custom Fly

Whether you decide on a smaller bass box or a big Gulf Coast Box, you can trust that we will tie you a handful of flies that we wish we were able to fish. They are tough, durable flies, some weighted and some are our fan favorite- Double Barrel Poppers that will crush it on the top of the water. They will be artfully crafted with flash details, rubber legs that are tucked in there perfectly placed to entice the fish it is intended for. If you are looking for specific color combinations too, we would be happy to work with you when creating your box- just let us know when you order and we will craft some pretty wicked flies for you! 

Whatever you decide, you can put your faith in our team at Steelie Bros to create you something awesome.



Tight lines!




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