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Hand Tied Fresh and Salt water Fly Fishing Flies

September 04, 2018

You have two options when you are looking to purchase flies for your next fishing trip. You can walk into your local tackle shop and hope they have the flies you like or you can grab a few of your favorites or a full, custom fly box, from a reputable fly tier. Either way you are making an investment.  However, when you invest in a fly tying company like Steelie Bros, you can rest assured that you will get a little more than you may have expected.
Each one of the flies that we tie is strategically created and ready to take whatever challenge comes it's way. We are fishermen who have grown up whipping flies and our fair share of lures at river banks and into brush. We have a great understanding about what our flies will go through once they are in your hands so we've made it our mission to create a high quality fly.
   We use top of the line material and Grade-A hooks that are strong enough for whatever battle you put them through. We hand select each piece of marabou so each fly will swim correctly and we make sure even the small details within the fly are never overlooked. Compared to what you would find the larger stores, our bugs are not cookie cutter flies that are tied by the dozens per hour, on cheap hooks with subpar material. Our flies are personalized and hand tied for you, right here in South Carolina. If you purchased from us in 2017 and again in 2018, you may notice that our patterns are a little different. Why? Well, we've tested our products in the mouths of big ole' red fish down in the gulf coast all the way to the hungry little sunfish in small backyard ponds tucked away in Western New York. Our biggest influences are those hard working guides throughout the fishing community who rely on our flies to bring their clients the BIG fish (which helps them bring home the bacon- so they have to be happy with what flies they are using.)  We spend time evolving our patterns, listening to Our Guides and our customers to artfully craft something that will be a big part in your next fishing story.
   So, take a look at our selection and if you see something you like, give it a try! If you have a color combination in mind, drop us a line - we are always down to get a little extra creative! 
Tight Lines!
Hand Tied Salt Water Fly

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