Fly Fishing and Fly tying Tips

What's inside a Steelie Bros Fly Combo Box
September 13, 2018

What is Inside a Custom Fly Box?

Selecting Custom Fly Fishing Fly Boxes for your next fishing trip has never been easier. Pick your species, your size or budget and let our team craft custom flies for you! Our flies are durable, hefty and hand tied for each box so now boxes will ever be the exact same!

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Hand Tied Fresh and Salt water Fly Fishing Flies
September 04, 2018

Custom Tied Flies Above All Else

We want to help you when you are filling your fly box to make sure you are selecting top of the line flies created and crafted by fishermen for fishermen. Details as to why buying from a independent fly tying company verses the large sport and game shops might be worth it's weight in gold. From fresh water bass packs to monster salt water flies, Steelie Bros has your back.

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