The Ultimate Warm Water Fly

The Ultimate Warm Water Fly

July 06, 2016

The Super Secret Fly For Pond Fishing!

           Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell your buddies when you get a few of these in your box, just go to your favorite honey hole tie one on and get ready for mayhem! This fly out fishes almost everything even bait! This fly is simplistic in design and that's what you want. Simplistic means lower cost, so that means you can buy more of them because lets face it when you're pond fishing specially from a kayak you're going to snag in a tree and you're going to lose your fly and if you don't buy at least half a dozen you will curse yourself for it and I will get a laugh when I see another order for more. Hard body poppers, and deer hair flies are great but there's always the floatability issue, plus the $$$$ issue. I much rather lose a $2 fly on a snag than a $10 fly.

So are you ready to see it?

Best Warm Water Fly Pattern

Yup I know that's it, nothing special nothing crazy. No eyes, no hair, no intricate paint jobs. But trust me it works!

Now how to fish it. First of all throw at structure or near the edge of weed beds. If you're in a kayak throw it at the shore the closer the better I'll even bounce it off of the shore (hence so many snags in trees), also throw in under low hanging branches. Then wait a second for the water ripples to calm and proceed with a short and fast 3 strip pause. Strip, Strip, Strip pause. Usually the fly will only make it 5-10 feet before it is inhaled. This fly will catch everything that is in a pond, bass....yup, blue gill, bream sunnies.....yup, even crappie. So what are you waiting for go buy some!



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