Tips to get your girlfriend to go fishing with you

How to get your girlfriend to fish with you

September 06, 2018

Wondering how to get your lady interested in fly fishing?  Here is a short guide to help you get your partner in crime out on the river with you.


1. Design the best float trip or wading adventure you can!
         Select and plan the adventure a little more than you normally would. If you are trying to get her into fishing with you so you can spend more time adventuring together (or fishing for yourself), you want to make sure her first few experiences are fun.


2. Practice at home first.
          Understanding the general fundamentals of casting a fly rod are a must. In the past, we've taken the rod out into our front yard and practiced casting. This helps teach the general guidelines when casting so it is not all brand new to her when you get on the river. If you plan to go to a spacious beach where casting is not going to be a problem- that is great! Just make sure she generally understands how to cast before you head to the river.


3. Encourage them.
       We all know that women love encouragement. This is the case when it comes to fishing as well. Compliment them on a good cast, let them know that they are doing good or that you feel lucky to have them fishing with you.


4. Try to get them on a fish.
        Everyone loves a good fish story. That is basically all there is to it. Find the fish and do your best to help her catch one.
          ** A helpful tip: Minimize your fishing time. If you are focused on what you are doing/fishing for, you might not realize if she gives up after her tenth failed casting attempt and has been just staring at you or her phone for the past hour. Instead, just focus on making her feel successful and comfortable on the water. This will benefit you in the end!


5. Brag about her.
       There is nothing better than telling your fishing buddies about the big ass red fish your lady caught or how the bass she got to the boat was one of the biggest fish you've ever seen. Trust me, if she hears how impressed you are with her catch and how great she did fishing, she will want to go with you again. Hands down.


6. Let her know how fun it was for you.
       Nothing is better than letting your girlfriend/wife how much fun you had hanging out with them. Bring up how much fun you had fishing with them a few days after your trip. She will realize you keep thinking about it and love the memories you created which will make her look forward to your next fishing trip.


Bring her on your next fishing trip


 **A note from the author:

        My name is Jessica. I am the business owner's wife and fishing buddy! I wanted to share a few of the things I have figured out over the years as my husband has tried to get me involved in fly fishing.  I personally get confused when women say they hate fishing. Even if you aren't catching anything (which usually happens to me) you are able to spend quality time hanging out with your best friend, away from the house, work and cellphones! Plus, you are outside, it is usually a beautiful day which means you can always just work on your tan and that is always a plus.

    With that being said, I wanted to create a little guide for the men out there that search for women who would be interested in fishing with them or who have tried time and time again to get their girlfriend or wife to go fishing with them. I know that not all men are like this but for those who might be searching for help, I hope I have provided you with some good advice.

   We just want to have fun, make memories with those we love and hear you brag about how bad ass it is that your girlfriend/ wife (whatever) caught a bigger fish than you did.

  So, with that being said, I hope you have enjoyed these tips and I hope these help.


Tight Lines!

Getting your significant other to fish with you


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