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The Crystal Egg Fly

This Pattern is a must have when heading to do any great lakes steelheading. The key to this fly is its quick and easy. I would wake up 20 minutes early and whip up a few dozen for my box before going to chase chrome. Just make sure you tie on a 2x heavy wire hook if you're going after some monsters.


Hook: Daichii Scud Hook (sz12-sz6)

Thread: 6/0 UNI Thread ( I like to use a bright contrasting color as it acts as a blood dot)

Egg Material: Large Crystal Estaz


Step 1: Start your thread just behind the eye of the hook and wrap back until your thread is at the hook point.
Daichii Hook
Step 2: Cut a 4"-5" piece of crystal chenille and strip a little bit of the flash off one end.
crystal chenille
Step 3: Tie in the stripped end of the chenille and then advance the thread forward to just behind the eye of the hook.
egg fly pattern
Step 4: Wrap the Chenille forward, after each wrap pull the wrapped fibers back so that the next wrap doesn't trap and of the previous wraps fibers. When you are about 2 eye spaces back from the eye of the hook tie off the chenille
egg fly pattern
Step 6: Before trimming the chenille I like to wrap back over the chenille slightly to make sure that the eye stays clear.
egg fly steelhead
Step 7: Trim the chenille and wrap forward making a head.
steelhead fishing
Step 8: Whip finish and trim the head.
Egg Fly For Trout
Here are a few other color combos I like to use. The ones I make sure I have are white, rootbeer, pumpkin, orange and pink.
pumpkin colored egg
Micro Egg
You can go Micro in clear water conditions
Worm egg fly pattern
You can also add a tail this uses a micro chenille but you can do a flash tail or a marabou tail.