Kenny Berdine

Kenny started fishing when he was 5 years old and had his first fly rod in hand at twelve. Kenny started tying when he was 14, but put things away for a while and has started back up in the past couple years. When Kenny started back up he started whipping out steelhead patterns, egg patterns and various trout patterns and since then has come to be able to tie tons of different patterns. However Kenny has really taken to tying deer hair flies and is Steelie Bros Resident hair packer. Kenny like all of us here at Steelie Bros is always striving to better his fly tying and is always learning. As far as fishing, Kenny has fished in eight states mainly for trout, steelhead and big browns, which is his favorite to catch. He also does a lot of private pond fishing for bass, gills and the occasional carp. On his fly fishing hit list are pike and musky.
To see Kenny's flies simply search his name!
Kenny also manages a great fly fishing/tying facebook page: