Our Preferred Fishing Guides

Why choose these guides? Well because they are the best and because they fish with the best flies! These guys know where the fish are they know how to catch them and they know what flies to tie on to get the job done.  Here are just a few pictures of fish caught on Steelie Bros Flies and by our pro team fishing guides.


Steelie Bros Pro Team guide Jamie Connell Two Customers Out West Catching A full Haul on Steelie Bros Flies

Large Mouth on A custom Frog Popper

I Steelie Bros Customer with a great catch

Some late Winter Chrome on a Steelie Bros Crystal Bugger

A Lake Erie Steelie With our Flies providing a great hook set!

A WNY Steelhead Caught by out prefered guide

Fly fihsing for redfish in Charleston Sc