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So you're going on vacation and you want to add a fishing trip to the agenda but don't know who to book as a guide. Well we have you covered, our preferred guides are all up and down the east coast and cover everything from Steelhead in New York to Tarpon in the Gulf.


So why pick one of our preferred guides? Well quite simply because they get the job done, and done well! All our preferred guides are professionally licensed guides and are experts in their areas. If all of that isn't enough we work with each guide to customize fly patterns specifically honed to their needs and the feeding habits of the fish they are after. Which in turn usually means more fish for you! 



If you are a fishing guide that would like to join our Preferred Fishing Guide program click this link to go to the Preferred Guide Contact Page

Gulf Coast: (Louisiana/ Texas) Bull Reds and Tarpon

Service: Jason Catchings Outdoor Adventures

Owner/Operator: Capt. Jason Catchings


Phone: 281-389-4548

Key West Fishing Charter

Key West :Inshore/Offshore Saltwater Fishing

Service: Flying Fish Charters Key West

Owner/Operator: Capt. Jamie Connell

Website: Flying Fish Charters Key West

Phone: 908-303-9873


South Carolina Fishing Guide

Central South Carolina: Trout Bass Stripers

Service: Saluda Valley Guides LLC

Owner/Operator: Jake Howard

Website: Saluda Valley Guides llc.

Phone: 803-312-2435

Louisiana Fishing Guide

Gulf Coast: (Louisiana): Inshore/ Offshore Redfish, Speckled Trout, yellow fin and more

Service: Fin Twisters Fishing Guide Services

Owner/Operator: Walter Heathcock

Website: Fin Twisters Fishing Guide Services

Phone: 504-287-9092