The Team at Steelie Bros

Jacob Braxton
Jacob Is the founder and owner of Steelie Bros Fly Company and has been fishing ever since he could stand and hold a rod. His love for fly fishing and fly tying borders on obsession. He likes the finer things in life like fine cigars, craft brews and of course swinging flies. Fishing top water for bass and going after redfish in the flats are his favorites. Jacob grew up in Western New York in the heart of steelhead country, but now resides in South Carolina. He loves the challenge of custom orders and rarely backs down from a request.
Christopher Calain
Christopher lives in Morgantown WV and is originally from Elkins WV. Christopher is married to his wife Brittani and has an amazing 8 month old son Landon. Christopher started fly fishing around the age of 10. His grandpa first showed him the art of fly fishing and tying and has continued this ever since. Christopher is a veteran of operation Iraqi freedom 2, and was awarded the combat medic badge while deployed. He is currently in the WV army national guard with 12 years of service. Christopher loves to use as natural fly patterns as he can while fishing for trout, and his favorite fly pattern is the fully dressed royal coachmen. Like everyone here at Steelie Bros Christopher has a great love for the water and no matter what species of trout he is chasing he loves the relaxation it brings him. Christopher has recently stepped up as Program Lead for his local Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Christopher is happy to be part of the Steelie Bros Fly Company not only as a fly tyer but as a marketing representative based out of his home town.
Mike Kendall
Mike grew up and lived in Maine for 26 years. For as long as he can remember he has been fishing for brook trout in the back country of Maine. When Mike was about 14 years old he got his first fly rod and fly tying kit. Immediately he was hooked for life. Almost always Mike fished for brook trout but it wasn't until he went to Montana in 2005, that he realized what his favorite fish was. The brown trout. Hard fighting and elusive, he was captivated by them. In 2012 he moved to northern New Mexico where he currently resides. His stomping grounds include the San Juan River, and the Animas River. His fly tying style mixes classic New England, and western styles. From standard dries, to articulated streamers and midges. Mike's favorites have to be nymphs, Particularly stoneflies. Stoneflies are big, fun to tie, and are a favorite of trout in most rivers in the USA. Mike almost always have one on his nymph rod. Mike is a new addition to the Steelie Bros Fly Company and is happy to bring his expertise as an official Steelie Bros fly tyer.
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