Sucker Spawn fly pattern

Steelhead season is upon us so why not do a how to on one of the most popular egg pattern flies when fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead. This pattern can be modified in a few ways using different  materials and combinations of materials, the original pattern uses regular yarn, then the crystal meth version of this pattern uses all pearl diamond braid. The pattern I am demonstrating uses a mix of both yarn and diamond braid.
Hot colors to use are a natural tanish/ yellow with red thread, orange with red thread, chartreuse with matching thread, and hot pink with red thread.
Sucker Spawn Final
Hooks: 2x heavy wire scud hooks Sz14-10
Thread: 6/0 uni
Tail: Crystal flash (optional)
Egg material: Yarn (wool yarn or regular knitting yarn) or Diamond Braid
Optional: Glo-bug yarn in white to use as egg veil
Step 1: Tie in thread behind eye of hook and thoroughly cover hook shank back to the hook bend
Step 2: Tie in a few pieces of crystal flash
Step 3: Tie in a 3 inch strand of diamond braid
Step 4 : Take a 3-4 inch strand of yarn if it is 3 ply yarn separate it into 3 pieces if it is 4 ply yarn separate it into 2 sections
Step 5: Take one strand of yarn and tie it in at the hook bend in a loop
Step 6: Bring thread back to hook bend. Then with your right hand take all three strands of material and pull them tight to the right, with your left hand pinch a small clump of material close to the hook and tie in with 3-4 thread wraps.
Step 7: Repeat step 6 two more times with increasingly larger clumps the third clump should be the largest then start to decrease the clumps two more times.
Step 8: Trim Excess Material build head and whip finish, You can also take your dubbing brush and pull some of the yarn fibers up to give it a more natural look.
Step 9: This is an optional step but you can take white Glo-bug yarn or other like materials and add an egg veil to the front of the egg.
Here is another variant of the same pattern.
This fly is tied with the 4 ply yarn with diamond braid in the middle and no flash tail