The olive wiggler

The olive wiggler is a great pattern to have in your box if you're going after some tailing reds. This pattern can be tied weighted with dumbbell eyes near the bend of the hook or without weight like I will show in this pattern. This pattern also works well in tan and rust colors.
Hook: Mustad stainless sz1                                
Tail: Olive Marabou (optional crystal flash)
Body: Olive Crystal Chenille
Weed Guard: 20lb Mono (optional)
  1.  Bend the hook using pliers.


    2.  Place the hook in vise and tie in the mono weed guard with the same bend as the hook. I use a single piece of heavier test mono compared to others who use loops or V's of monofilament I feel like it gives a more streamline look and gives you more space on the hook as well.

   3.  Bend the monofilament back to the hook point and trim, then securely wrap tie in the monofilament.

   4. Bring your thread back to the bend of the hook and tie in 2-3 plumes of marabou.

   5. Cut a length of crystal chenille aprox. 4"-5" and tie it in at the bend of the hook.

    6.  Wrap your thread forward then palmer the chenille in very tight close wraps making sure to pull back the previous wrap with your left hand as to not trap any fibers in the proceeding wraps. Tie off the chenille, trim the excess and whip finish one eye space behind the eye of the hook.

   7. Using very sharp scissors, place them flat along the back bone of the fly and trim the chenille fibers as low as you can get, do the same on the belly of the fly as well. Make sure not to trim too wide because you will start to cut into the sides that give the spoon like quality to this fly.

The finished fly: You can also finish these flies with a UV resin or clear cure to give a hard redfish spoon type pattern.