East Coast Redfish Fly Pack

$ 100.00

From North Carolina to Florida These flies were specifically tied to hunt redfish. This pack will include 20 of the most productive redfish flies that we tie. These flies have been both guide and customer tested with amazing results. If you need these for a trip please do not wait until the last minute these are all tied per order and we require a minimum time buffer of two weeks in advance. When you purchase please let us know when your trip is in the notes section so we can ensure they get to you in time! You can order the Regular pack or double down if you are going on an extra long trip or just need to stock your box!

This pack will include:

2- classic tan RF Shrimp

2 -RF Destroyers

1- All Black EP Baitfish

1-Blue over white EP Baitfish

2-Gray over White CF Baitfish

4- Merkin Crab Flies

4-EP Marsh Crawlers

4-Top water Minnow Gurlgers